STEM and Innovation Bound Together at Texas Instruments

Like many students, I thought of Texas Instruments as a student’s best friend when trying to navigate the complexities of high level math and science courses – enabling us to take on rigorous work that likely would have gone over our heads without the technology they provided.

But as a student, I was unaware of TI’s depth of commitment to STEM education and developing new technologies. It’s a commitment with long tradition that remains unwavering to this day.

Yesterday, TI Chairman, President and CEO Rich Templeton delivered the keynote address at a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) event to discuss how critical university research is to America’s future.

The next generation of American innovation is intrinsically tied to the next generation of our workforce – and Mr. Templeton hit the nail on the head when saying, “”The leading companies were founded in the U.S. because many of the best minds in the world were attracted to our research universities and wanted to come here to work with the best and work on the best.”

The NAM is in total agreement with Mr. Templeton’s focus on the recent NAS study titled, “Research Universities and the Future of America.” He highlighted the importance of strengthening government support for science funding at the federal and state levels, strengthening university partnerships with business and building talent especially in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, through improved kindergarten through 12th-grade (K-12) education, stable funding for graduate research, and high-skilled immigration reform.

America innovation is only as good as the men and women working to develop a future we have yet to imagine – and leading companies like Texas Instruments are helping pave the way for a brighter tomorrow by pushing for STEM education today.

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