Positive News for the Auto Industry, Ford Expands Missouri Facility

By May 2, 2013Economy

We have had some good news this week out of the auto sector. U.S. automakers announced an increase in sales for 29 percent from last April. This marks the industries best April since 2007.

Additionally, Ford announced the company will be adding nearly 900 workers at is Kansas City, MO factory to increase production of F-150 trucks. Ford is also renovating this facility to produce the Transit cargo van which will add 1,100 workers.  So in total the company will add more than 2,000 jobs which is great news for American workers and manufacturing.

When a company like Ford is able to expand production it is positive news for manufacturers all throughout the supply chain. We’ve seen several indicators in recent weeks that manufacturing growth is slowing, and today’s trade report showed that exports feel again in March. We need action from Washington on pro-growth policies to help create more positive stories of job creation similar to this from Ford and the auto industry.


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