NLRB Website ‘Hanging Tough’ with Poster Rule

By May 13, 2013Labor Unions

Is it possible for an entire federal agency to be in denial? The National Labor Relations Board has been rebuked, rebuffed and reminded by the Courts that its powers are not limitless. Yet, the Board remains curiously silent about the ruling last week that served as a body-blow to an agency that just two years ago was sticking out its chest and poking its proverbial bully-finger at businesses.

The NLRB website still has a page dedicated to an out-of-date poster with no mention of the fact that it has been rejected by the Courts. It’s like returning to your parents’ home and finding they still haven’t torn down the New Kids on the Block poster in your sister’s room. It’s kind of cute, but also a little discomforting. It might be time for the Board to acknowledge its poster idea was ill-conceived and take it down once and for all.

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