EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations Will Hurt Our Economy

By May 29, 2013Energy

Today Politico ran an op-ed from George Allen, former governor and U.S. senator from Virginia, about the economic harm of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas regulations. The costly and burdensome regulations from the EPA will impact every sector of the economy

Exceprt from the piece:

“The EPA began its regulatory expansion into our homes and entrepreneurial livelihoods in 2009 by asserting that greenhouse gas emissions pose a threat to public health. Congress has never explicitly given the EPA the authority to regulate greenhouse gases — the agency interprets its power based on an expansive reading of the Clean Air Act.

The Clean Air Act, however, was not meant to regulate greenhouse gases, a fact that has become readily apparent as the EPA has taken up the rulemaking process. The cascading effect of the EPA ruling that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are pollutants would cause America’s economy to grind to a halt. Almost any new construction, from power plants to apartment buildings — 6 million new facilities in all — would be subject to EPA permitting requirements and the costs and delays that go with them.”

The EPA continues to pile on with more and more regulations that are driving up energy prices and hurting our ability to compete. It’s time for Washington to move forward with the policies outlined in the NAM’s Growth Agenda to keep manufacturers competitive.

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