When It Comes to Regulations, Quality Counts

By April 8, 2013Labor Unions

Manufacturers understand and support the need for regulation – smart regulation. Smart regulation establishes the rules we all must follow and promotes better business practices. Too often lately, the Department of Labor is emblematic of the government agency clumsily encroaching on day-to-day operations, burdening manufacturers with higher business costs, unrealistic compliance demands and unnecessary regulations.

Forbes has a recent article that discusses an example of such overreach, discussing the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) recent efforts. As the article notes, under the right guidance, the OFCCP can be a tool for good. We agree, but therein lies the rub – if recent enforcement trends are considered the norm, it may be wishful thinking that the right guidance will magically appear.

Here at the NAM we are maintaining a watchful eye, urging smart regulations rather than the implementation of an agenda that predetermines who is in compliance and who is not. We’re hoping for the best, but as we have shown in the past, the NAM is ready to confront federal agencies that oversimplify, overstep and overreach.

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