The Administration Must Recognize the Real World Negative Consequences of the Medical Device Tax

By April 17, 2013Taxation

We were disappointed to hear Treasury Secretary Jack Lew defend yesterday the onerous medical device tax that went into effect on January 1st as part of the Affordable Care Act. While Lew admitted that the idea behind the tax was not to target startup medical device companies, the reality is the 2.3 excise tax impairs innovation as it is imposed on all revenues rather than just profit. It is clear that Lew is out of touch with the greater comprehension of the harmful nature of the tax as just last month 79 senators voted in favor of its repeal, demonstrating strong bipartisan support during the budget debate.

The NAM urges the Administration to look at the real world effects the medical device tax is having on manufacturers competing in the global marketplace and to recognize the Senate’s strong vote as marker of bipartisan understanding that the tax is indeed hurting jobs, investment and the ability for the United States to maintain its position as the global leader in medical technology innovation.

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