Tax Policy Goes a Long Way Toward Defining Energy Policy

By April 24, 2013Energy, Taxation

Dorothy Coleman, the NAM’s Vice President of Tax and Domestic Economic Policy, brought manufacturers’ support of pro-growth tax reform to a panel discussion, hosted by Politico today, which featured a variety of policy officials in Washington, D.C. talking about the impact of tax policy in the energy sector.

As consumers of one-third of our nation’s energy, manufacturers have a lot at stake when it comes to tax and energy policy. The conversation touched on a wide variety of topics but it was clear that a need for pro-growth tax policy that doesn’t pick winners and losers is a fundamental aspect of reforms. We want to ensure that the U.S. is the best place in the world to manufacture and raising taxes on energy companies, who require massive capital investment to develop resources, will only undermine that goal.

Some of the panelists suggested the implementation of a carbon tax as potential reform, but Mrs. Coleman quickly refuted those calls, saying that the revenue gains were far outweighed by the economic devastation that would ensue – loss of jobs, wages, higher prices and a less competitive America.

Panel discussions like the one held today help shape the way tax reform is done – and just like today, the NAM will remain at the center of the conversation.

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