Camp Testimony Before Small Biz Committee Keeps Tax Reform Talk Moving

By April 10, 2013Taxation

House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) normally wields the gavel during House committee hearings, but today brought an unusual role for him – witness. Chairman Camp appeared before the House Small Business Committee to talk about the impact of tax reform on small businesses. With two-thirds of manufacturers paying taxes at the individual rate, the NAM was rather interested in what Mr. Camp had to say.

As you might expect from his record as Chairman, Camp had a lot of positive things to say about the important role small business plays in job creation and economic growth. All true statements, but what caught our attention was his commentary on how small to medium sized manufacturers will be adversely affected without comprehensive reforms. Manufacturers have been telling policymakers for a long time that without a simpler, fairer code that reduces the tax burden, we’re going to see any growth come to a grinding halt. Money sent to Washington is money that cannot be put into hiring workers, expanding production and growing their operations.

Clearly Chairman Camp gets manufacturers’ message and we appreciate his continuous efforts to move forward with comprehensive tax reform. The question is – how many other policy makers truly understand the economic boom that would be unleashed if they put a pro-growth tax system into action?

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