New Force Against IP Theft Launched

Recently the National Alliance for Jobs and Innovation (NAJI) has launched a new line of defense in the battle to protect the intellectual property and information technology developed here in the U.S. The NAM is a leading member of this 100-plus member coalition developed to fight IP and IT theft around the world.

According to the NAJI, IP and IT innovation directly accounts for more than 27 million jobs in the U.S. Theft of IP and IT is hurting manufacturers in the U.S., costing billions to both large and small manufacturers. Innovation is the lifeblood of manufacturing. The advances in technology and production that allow manufacturers in the U.S. to succeed both on a domestic and global scale are built on a foundation of behind the scenes work and creativity.

A article features NAM Executive Committee member and President of Marlin Steel, Drew Greenblatt, who puts a human face on the rampant IP and IT theft that is hurting his business and countless others just like it.

“Greenblatt has been working on building up Marlin Steel since 1998, when he bought the company and moved its operations to Baltimore, Maryland. He currently employs 32, including a handful of degree-holding mechanical engineers, and he wants to expand the business to create more well-paying American jobs. But he’s working in an environment where foreign competitors ‘literally copy-and-paste [the Marlin Steel] website,’ including both his name and the company’s name, and then blatantly copy any new designs that his mechanical engineers come up with.

Greenblatt says, ‘We have these amazing designs that my engineers are coming up with. They’re innovative and different. We’re whopping China, we’re hiring people, we’re growing, we’re reinvesting back into the plant — these are all good things. This is what makes America great. I pay my guys really well, and we want this train to continue. It makes it hard if the American government is not protecting me and my company’s IP. It hurts the stellar abilities of my engineers.’”

The NAM is a leader in the fight against IP theft – and our resolve to protect manufacturer’s sweat equity is unyielding. We’re looking forward to working with the NAJI to ensure that manufacturer’s innovation is protected the world over.

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