More Red Tape Will Slow Exports and Growth

By March 19, 2013Regulations, Trade

In today’s Politico former Senator Blanche Lincoln penned and op-ed on the importance of energy exports and the need for government to help industry, hurt it.

In the piece Sen. Lincoln discusses the importance of the pending permits for coal export terminals in the Pacific Northwest. Exports are essential to our competitiveness and it is important that these projects be allowed to move forward without onerous delays such as a one-size fits all environmental review.

Here is an excerpt from Politico:

This expansion, supported by private investment, would allow for the increased export of bulk commodities like coal, agricultural products and other materials. If allowed to move forward, such expansion would lead to more jobs and tax revenue for the entire region — and the nation. But it, and countless other infrastructure projects, could be permanently stalled by an onerous review that would attempt to analyze the cumulative regional environmental impact of these facilities and for every use of everything that is shipped from them: a virtually impossible task that, if followed to its logical end, could result in findings conceivably so inaccurate that they would be utterly useless. This effect, on top of possible reductions in resources to agencies, could produce a real roadblock at a time when we need all hands on deck to help us grow our economy.

Sen. Lincoln hits the nail on the head when she says “we need all hands on deck to help us grow our economy.” Additional reviews and red tape will bog down projects like the coal export terminals and set us further behind our global competitors while we lose out on valuable export opportunities.

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