What Would a Manufacturing Resurgence Look Like?

By March 26, 2013General

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons joined NAM Board Member Ron Bullock, CEO of Bison Engineering, to discuss a study released by MAPI and the Aspen Institute that takes a look at what our economy would look like if the power of manufacturing were truly unleashed. The paper explores what changes we can expect if manufacturing grows from its current share of 11.5 percent of the U.S. economy, to the 15 percent or more that it enjoyed in 1998.

Thomas J. Duesterberg, the Aspen Institute’s Executive Director of Manufacturing and Society in the 21st Century presented the study to a crowd of over 100 people and then participated in a lively discussion with Mr. Timmons and Mr. Bullock moderated by MAPI President Stephen Gold.

Mr. Timmons pointed to the NAM’s Growth Agenda as the pathway to achieving these dynamic results. He noted that, “the report being unveiled today provides a glimpse of what a manufacturing resurgence would look like in America.  The results are astounding. Millions more jobs. A larger economy. More exports, to name just a few benefits. Importantly, this report demonstrates the consequences of staying on our current path. Its shows what will happen if policymakers fail to enact pro-growth policies.”

This is an aspirational study – but it demonstrates what the positive impact we’d see if only policymakers in Washington would adopt the pro-growth agenda that manufacturers have laid out for them.

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