NAM Mourns Passing of Former President Doug Kenna

By February 4, 2013General

The manufacturing community lost a giant with the passing of Edgar Douglas Kenna II. The thoughts and prayers of the NAM family are with his family. As a former president of the NAM (1973-1977) and member of the NAM’s Board of Directors, Mr. Kenna II carried the banner of manufacturing both in the United States and across the globe. During his time as the leader of the NAM, he founded and directed the United State/U.S.S.R. Trade and Economic Council, a visionary endeavor that serves as a shining example of how trade can bridge gaps that often seem insurmountable.

Mr. Kenna II was an ambassador for manufacturing throughout his legendary career – from working to design ICBM’s for AVCO Corporation to guiding the nation’s largest air conditioning manufacturer. His successes in business were no surprise – this was a man who seemed marked for greatness from his days as a standout cadet and athlete at West Point. His lifetime of service, commitment, and excellence served as an example for all American’s to aspire toward. He will be greatly missed and the NAM will always strive to honor and live up to the memory of our former President.

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  • Doug Kenna’s tenure at NAM corresponded with an era of business statesmanship on the national and global stages. Within weeks of his arrival in January 1972, we stepped out smartly with leadership in the trade policy arena, spearheading a major US-Soviet Trade Conference (which led to the formation of the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council later that year), and other significant programs on trade negotiation monitoring, non-tariff barrier quantification, adjustment assistance and anti-trust. NAM’s pioneering outreach included high-profile trade/industrial missions — many led by Doug Kenna — to USSR, Europe and the Mideast during a volatile period of economic history. I was privileged to serve as his chief international “lieutenant” in those “Glory Days” when teamwork put points on the board for America.

    Nicholas E. Hollis
    Vice President
    NAM International Economic Affairs Department

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