EPA Fracking Regs Would Drive Up Costs, Add Red Tape

By February 6, 2013Energy

This morning Politico reported that former Clinton EPA Administrator and former Obama Director of the Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy Carol Browner said that the EPA should regulate fracking.

It’s a highly technical, complicated issue and I actually believe that EPA should be the one regulating it,” she said today at a BGov-NEI event in downtown Washington, noting that that step would require legislation from Congress. “I think that some states may be up to the task, [but] at the end of the day, if history is any guide, not all states will be up to the task.”

Manufacturers believe that states should be the primary regulators of hydraulic fracturing and the federal government should not be regulating fracking, unless it can prove that a compelling need exists for federal intervention. Fracking has already changed the manufacturing landscape and helped us become more competitive and it will continue to change the landscape in terms of our ability to be more energy self-sufficient. The access to affordable natural gas can create a million manufacturing jobs by 2025.

If the EPA were to get involved in regulating fracking it could drive up compliance costs, damage a strategic advantage and provide very little value added. The Bureau of Land Management is already trying to get involved in the regulation of fracking at the state level and they are essentially putting forth a solution without a problem that is completely unnecessary. EPA regulations would only duplicate existing state regulations and create confusion and additional red tape. The costs would significantly outweigh the benefits.

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