Manufacturers Partnering to Drive Innovation in Vegas

By January 10, 2013Technology

We all know the good ol’ days of stopping at a gas station in a strange town asking for directions are behind us. So are the days of searching through your glove box for change to make a phone call. All of these tasks can be done with a screen on the dashboard or with the help of a virtual co-pilot just a voice-command away. Today’s vehicles are even more technologically advanced than ever, inspiring the term “cloud car” – showing how connected we can remain even behind the wheel.

The car is the ultimate mobile technology and manufacturers in the U.S. like Bosch, Chrysler, Ford, Garmin International, General Motors, Hyundai, Subaru, and Toyota are taking significant steps to improve safety, convenience, navigation and customer service through innovation. Americans spend a lot of time in their cars, from commuting to work, driving our kids around to the countless other things in life that keep us on the go. The NAM saw first-hand today at the 2013 CES what technology is doing for the future of vehicles.

Garmin International unveiled their “next-generation infotainment system” that is turning the dashboard into a digital cockpit that gets drivers where they need to go by providing critical communications, vehicle information while keeping their eyes on the road.

General Motors has developed a mobile system that allows drivers to add apps/features to vehicles after purchase. With technology constantly shifting and improving, this keeps car owners from being left out of the latest and greatest mobile options.

Subaru is using the cloud for an internally developed streamlined communications for its direct parts suppliers, increasing the efficiency of production, reducing errors, and getting vehicles to consumers more quickly.

Toyota revealed “self-driving cars,” a stunning breakthrough showcasing vehicles equipped with devices that allow it to detect and automatically respond to its surroundings. It’s an impressive step forward in technologies that help drivers avoid accidents and improve automobile safety.

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