House Energy Efficiency Caucus Forms

By December 6, 2012Energy

Today Reps. Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Peter Welch (D-VT) launched a new caucus in the House to promote performance contracting in government buildings which will help provide energy savings and reduce the burden on taxpayers.

Manufacturers are innovating and leading the way in developing new energy efficient technologies that can be used in upgrading government buildings to help save money.

The NAM’s Ross Eisenberg from the press release on announcing the caucus:

“The National Association of Manufactures supports policies to enhance private sector investment in public building efficiency improvement projects, and performance contracting is at the very top of that list.  Performance contracts, such as ESPCs and UESCs, are extremely valuable tools that make federal buildings more efficient with no upfront taxpayer cost.  They should be the very first option taken by agencies, yet they are perpetually underutilized.  The NAM is excited that Congress is taking a more active role to increase the use of performance contracting and make federal buildings more efficient.”

So far the caucus has 10 members now and we are encouraged that Congress has an interest in this important issue.

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