As election night moves on, it’s becoming clear that the division within the chambers of Congress will expand.

The results in for the Senate thus far indicate that the Democratic pickups in Indiana, Massachusetts and Maine put them on pace to break even or increase their hold on the Senate. From the outset, it was clear that in order for the Republicans to have a chance at gaining the majority, they needed to hold their endangered seats and garner victories with their challengers – a scenario that didn’t happen.

The House side seems to be a mirror image – it appears that the Republicans may gain seats, including the surprising victory of Andy Barr in Kentucky.

The path to victory for Governor Romney has significantly narrowed with his failure to break through in the longtime Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The future of both campaigns rests with what was the status quo a month ago – it comes down to Florida, Ohio and a handful of swing states.

At this point, for fans of the status quo, both in Congress and the electoral map, it’s been a good night.

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