Obama and Boehner Exchange Positive Words on Fiscal Cliff Solution

By November 9, 2012Taxation

Jay Timmons. NAM’s President and CEO, was quoted the day after the election as saying, “Folks in the business community believe it’s time to unite our country because America’s competitiveness is at stake. I don’t think there’s anything more urgent than dealing with our fiscal crisis.”

Leaders in Washington have begun to offer their first public remarks on the issue since Tuesday, with President Obama and Speaker Boehner offering words of bipartisanship while staking their ground in the upcoming debates on the fiscal cliff.

The debate over taxes has taken center stage and the NAM will again make it clear that raising taxes on small business owners is not a recipe for growth. The manufacturers that will see a significant increase in their taxes are the backbone of job creation in this nation.

It’s important that policymakers in Washington keep this fact in mind as they move forward in their discussions. When Congressional leaders join President Obama at the White House next week, let’s hope that the politics that submarined previous negotiations can give way to a focus on growth and job creation.

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