Toyota Tundra Pulls the Space Shuttle Endeavour

By October 15, 2012General

On Friday night an incredible feat was accomplished by a Toyota Tundra pickup truck in Los Angeles, California. The half-ton Tundra successfully pulled the space shuttle Endeavour and its custom-built dolly across the Manchester Boulevard Bridge on its way to the California Science Center. The dolly and Endeavour combined to weigh nearly 300,000 pounds.

The model truck used was the 2012 Tundra CrewMax 4×4 with Toyota’s 5.7-liter iForce V8 engine. The truck was manufactured at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in San Antonio, Texas and it was purchased from a dealer in Southern California with no modifications.

Both the Toyota Tundra and the space shuttle Endeavor are the result of the innovation and productivity of manufacturing in America. It is critical that manufacturers have the necessary tools to continue to lead and develop cutting edge-technologies and products ranging from items we use every day, to the next space craft that will replace the Endeavor.

You can watch the Tundra pull Endeavour in the video below.

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