Timmons Presents Vision for Future at NAM Board of Directors Meeting

By October 25, 2012General

NAM’s President and CEO Jay Timmons opened the 2012 Board of Directors’ meeting today with a video and a speech that laid out the problems facing manufacturing and, as a result, the problems facing America. He spoke at length about the uncertainty facing manufacturers due to the fiscal cliff, the burdensome regulatory environment that raises the cost of doing business and several other obstacles toward economic growth and job creation.

But, as Mr. Timmons said, we are twelve days away from election day, a day of choice where people can stand up in support of manufacturing and stand up for a brighter future by choosing candidates who will support America’s job creators.

Mr. Timmons laid out a clear call to action. He discussed the common sense solutions that manufacturers have for our economic woes and made it unmistakably clear that the NAM will lead the pursuit of policy over politics.

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