NAM Member Kawasaki To Make New Subway Cars for DC Metro

By night, Washington, D.C. is a mid-sized American city of roughly 600,000 people, somewhere between Baltimore and Nashville.  By day, the population explodes to over a million.  If those commuters aren’t battling some of the worst traffic in the nation, there’s a good chance they are taking Metro, the D.C. area’s public transit system.

And, in a couple years, they’ll be riding in style in new train cars (the 7000 series, to be precise), all brought to you by manufacturing in the United States.

Yesterday, Metro unveiled its new railcar, which will made by NAM-member Kawasaki at its rail car manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kawasaki has made train cars for transit systems across the country.

Among the innovations in the new Metro cars are floors composed of “a dark, nonslip vinyl colored with blue, red and white specks that focus groups favored for its patriotic feeling.” Many riders will welcome the new doors, which no longer will crush unsuspecting tourists. “The new doors will have a ‘sensitive edge’ that can determine when a rider is trapped as the doors close, the Washington Examiner reports. “The doors will spring open slightly but not all the way, said Metro’s chief vehicle engineer, Joseph Reynolds.”

And there’s more. Metro highlights some other features of the new cars and offers a sneak peak of what’s to come.


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