Manufacturers Face Uncertainty and Growing Challenges

By October 12, 2012Economy

In today’s USA Today NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons and NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner authored an op-ed about the uncertainty facing business owners in today’s difficult environment.

Recently Timmons and Danner released the results of a poll that showed that 55 percent of small businesses and manufacturers surveyed would not start a business today. That number was even higher for just manufacturers at 59 percent.

America’s job creators are facing too much uncertainty to expand and hire new workers. This is a result of the uncertainty from tax increases and costly regulations.

Excerpt from the op-ed:

Business owners make incredible sacrifices to pursue their dreams, and those sacrifices are amplified when times are tough. Manufacturers and other business owners are facing significant obstacles, but instead of policymakers helping to eliminate these roadblocks and improve the economic climate for all businesses, they are adding new regulations and contemplating tax increases. If we expect more people to take the enormous risks involved in starting a new business or inventing a new product, it’s critical that lawmakers put aside the partisan politics and address our economic uncertainty by focusing on policies that promote growth.

That’s why this election is so important. We can’t regain prosperity without leaders who understand that business, not government, is the engine that drives our economy. The risk-takers and innovators who will drive growth in the 21st century must know that our government will be their biggest champion, not their greatest obstacle.

Manufacturers want to lead and they need action from Washington to get the economy back on tracks and get Americans back to work.

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