Gibbs and Rove Spar Before Manufacturers

While President Obama and Governor Romney may have finished their debates, veteran political strategists Karl Rove and Robert Gibbs went head-to-head during the NAM’s fall board meeting.

Gibbs, a long-time aide to President Obama and a current advisor to his campaign, highlighted the President’s record, pointing to, for example, the half-million manufacturing jobs created since December 2009. The President will win over middle-class voters because he “understands the problems that they face,” Gibbs said.

Rove went on attack against the President’s record, rattling off a series of policies that are detrimental to job creators.  “This Administration has a weird view of what it wants to economy to be like,” said the former advisor to President George W. Bush.

As the nation learned in 2000, the outcome of a presidential election can hinge on just a few votes.  Every vote counts!  And it’s not just the presidential race.  There are a number of House and Senate races that will come down to the wire. For more information about the races and candidates where you live, visit the NAM’s Election Center.

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