Canada and Mexico Officially Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations

By October 10, 2012Trade

This week Canada and Mexico become official participants of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. They join the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei in these ongoing talks, and will participate in the December negotiating round in Auckland, New Zealand. 

The inclusion of Canada and Mexico in the negotiations is an important development, as the United States enjoys a strong and substantial trade and investment relationship with both. We welcome the opportunity to continue strengthening our economic relationship with Canada and Mexico as part of the TPP talks to ensure even greater benefits for manufacturers and workers in the United States.

Since 2009, the NAM has been highly supportive of Canada and Mexico joining the TPP negotiations. While the NAFTA was a groundbreaking agreement that has resulted in positive gains for both of our economies, it is now nearly 20 years old and changes in the world economy, manufacturing and the coverage of trade agreements means that there are significant improvements that can and should be made, from the protection of intellectual property rights and e-commerce to improved production and supply chains.

The TPP negotiations are a timely vehicle for those discussions to take place, ensuring that we can work with Canada and Mexico to build upon the success of NAFTA and expand that success in the Trans-Pacific corridor to promote greater economic opportunities for manufacturers in the U.S., enhancing the competitiveness of our economy. 

Jessica Lemos is director of international trade policy, National Association of Manufacturers.

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