If Manufacturing Wins in November, the American Economy Wins

By September 26, 2012Economy

With such an important election on the horizon, the NAM is taking unprecedented efforts to empower manufacturers and make their voices heard.  Today we released a “Get Out the Vote” video that takes trade association advocacy efforts to a level our nation hasn’t seen. In keeping with the NAM’s tradition of policy over politics, this video takes a nonpartisan look at the headwinds facing manufacturers in the U.S. and delivers a powerful call to vote in November for candidates that stand behind manufacturing.

The NAM had a major presence at both conventions, driving the policy discussions and keeping the focus on manufacturing in both Tampa and Charlotte. With only 40 days left before the election, the NAM understands that information is king and that the entire nation needs to understand what the 12 million men and women who make things in the U.S. already know – manufacturing is the backbone of America’s economic recovery. We need policymakers in office that are committed to supporting pro-growth agenda that lifts the burdensome yoke of regulation and eliminates the uncertainty that is choking job creation acrossthe country. This is why we’ve launched an election center that will provide you with in depth information about which federal candidates, for the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House.

Both presidential campaigns have their eyes on manufacturing as a key to America’s comeback. Mitt Romney stopped in Bedford Heights, OH today at a manufacturing facility, American Spring Wire, to host a roundtable with “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe and with business men and women at American Spring Wire in Bedford Heights. Romney was told by a manufacturer that, “we’re not just facing a fiscal cliff, we’re facing a manufacturing cliff.” Another told him that, “it’s like we’re being thrown anchors as we’re treading water.”

While both candidates have an eye on winning manufacturing votesas a key to winning the election, there is something much greater at stake – when manufacturing wins, our economy and America’s economic future wins. Let’s keep up that drumbeat and get out and vote this November!

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