Boeing ecoDemonstrator Aircraft Comes to Washington

By September 18, 2012Innovation

Today the Boeing Company brought the new ecoDemonstrator to Reagan National Airport in Washington. The eco Demonstrator program was started earlier this summer by Boeing, partnering with American Airlines, the FAA and other important partners.  The program uses an all new Boeing Next Generation 737-800 aircraft.

Boeing's ecoDemonstrator Visits Washington

Boeing's ecoDemonstrator at Reagan National Airport.

The goal of the ecoDemonstrator program is to help accelerate advancements and innovation in efficiency, noise, airspace modernization and to reduce the environmental footprint. The ecoDemonstrator that we had the opportunity to tour today has many unique features to help achieve these goals to lead to a sustainable future.

Perhaps the most unique feature on the aircraft is the regenerative fuel cell which converts hydrogen and oxygen gas to electricity and water. The aircraft also features an adaptive trailing edge on the wings that reduces airframe noise on takeoff and landing. To improve efficiency the aircraft has active engine vibration control which allows the engine to run at lower speeds and reduces vibration and noise in the cabin. The ecoDemonstrator even has recyclable carpet tiles that can be individually replaced instead of having to replace the entire carpet in the cabin.

Boeing is continuing test flights of the ecoDemonstrator to gain as much as data about these new features as possible. And hopefully in the future you will see these innovations when you are catching a flight on a future family vacation.

The ecoDemonstrator is another great example of how manufacturers are continuing to innovate to build better and more sustainable products.

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