Administration’s “Public Enemy” Delivers Job Growth

By September 7, 2012Economy

The Administration spent much of today on its heels, attempting to downplay another disappointing jobs report. It’s a reality check and, to put it mildly, this reality is bad news for America. The job market is so depressed that 368,000 people have stopped looking for work. And what’s even more incredible, the government doesn’t even count them among the unemployed.

Yet there was at least one bright spot. The “go-to” public enemy for the Administration, the oil and gas industry, was one of the only sectors that prevented the White House from having to explain a total disaster of an jobs report. Consistently (and unfairly) dragged through the mud by those would like to cripple the industry, oil and gas provided 1,100 new jobs last month.

Imagine what they could do if Washington could put together a pro-growth agenda that focus on creating a positive environment for all businesses rather than attempting to demonize certain job creators to promote their own agenda.

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