A Small Business Owner (and Congressman) Understands the Importance of Tax Reform

By September 28, 2012Taxation

Manufacturers were pleased to see a Congressman with first-hand experience actually running a company  weigh in on the critical need for progrowth tax reform and the certainty that goes with it. In an op-ed in The Hill, Rep. Reid Ribble from Wisconsin drew on his experience owning a roofing company to make a strong argument for a simpler, fairer tax code, particularly for the many small businesses that pay taxes at individual rates.

Rep. Ribble fully recognizes the importance businesses place on certainty in moving ahead on investment and hiring plans.  Manufacturers couldn’t agree more with Rep. Ribble that “the more important and necessary outcome of comprehensive tax reform is certainty. When businesses have certainty they have confidence, which will boost economic activity and spur job creation.  Let’s hope that after November there are more Rep. Ribbles in Congress.

Dorothy Coleman

Dorothy Coleman

Dorothy Coleman is vice president of tax and domestic economic policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Ms. Coleman is responsible for providing NAM members with important information related to tax issues and representing the NAM’s position to Congress, the Administration and the media. An NAM spokesperson for tax policy issues, she coordinates membership coalitions; prepares testimony, reports and analyses; and responds to media inquiries. Before taking over as vice president of the tax policy department, she served as director of tax policy from April 1998 to April 2000.
Dorothy Coleman

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