More Experts Weigh in on Defense Industry Job Losses Resulting from Sequestration

By August 27, 2012Economy

The NAM continues to warn lawmakers about the impact sequestration will have on manufacturing jobs based on our recently released study. On Friday the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA)  released a detailed background report which provides a “comprehensive account-by-account and outlays analysis of its potential impact on the DoD budget” according to CSBA’s website.

Both reports make the same conclusion: Sequestration will cost America jobs in the defense sector.

Todd Harrison, author of CSBA’s backgrounder cites that DoD contractors would face reductions in contract awards, extensions, and options. DoD may also be forced to renegotiate contracts that would result in increased costs to the government. DoD’s civilian employees would be hit especially hard. In order to meet the budget numbers, there would have to be a decrease in 108,000 of these jobs. Mr. Harrison also provided a slide presentation to illustrate these important points.

We encourage you to tell your Members of Congress about the job-killing defense cuts that will soon face manufacturers. Please visit the NAM’s Manufacturing Works website if you would like to take action and contact them directly. 

Brian Raymond is director of technlogy and domestic economic policy, National Association of Manufacturers.

Brian Raymond

Brian Raymond

Director of Innovation Policy at National Association of Manufacturers
Brian Raymond is the Director of Innovation Policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). He works with NAM members, the Administration and Congress to shape and advance pro-manufacturing positions on technology policy issues ranging from intellectual property protection, privacy issues and cyber/data security to net neutrality and R&D funding.
Brian Raymond

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