FCC Approves Verizon Spectrum Deal

By August 24, 2012Technology

Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously approved Verizon’s airwaves-and-marketing deals with a group of the nation’s largest companies.

“After a rigorous review, the commission has approved with conditions a substantially modified transaction between Verizon Wireless and the cable company owners of SpectrumCo, as well as important spectrum transactions involving T-Mobile and Leap,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wrote in his statement. “Together, these actions put valuable wireless spectrum to use while preserving broadband competition, to the benefit of consumers and our economy.”

While the NAM did not take a position for or against this transaction, we did inform the FCC that approving these types of agreements is what will help give manufacturers the ability to access more wireless spectrum they need to grow their businesses and create jobs.

Manufacturers have become increasingly dependent on the wireless Internet and advanced telecommunications in their daily operations to connect with customers, employees, suppliers, and valued partners. Specifically, manufacturers use smartphones, tablets, GPS receivers and similar wireless devices and technologies to track production and inventory, to provide online learning tools to employees, and to assist all aspects of customer service operations from ordering to final delivery of a product. For these devices and the systems on which they run, wireless networks need to be robust and reliable to benefit manufacturers and consumers alike.

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