Another Great Example of Manufacturers Improving Sustainability

By August 1, 2012Energy

Earlier this week Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging, Inc. released their first-ever Sustainability Report, once again demonstrating the commitment of manufacturers to sustainable business practices.  Longview’s report highlights their safety and environmental protection improvements. 

This report illustrates how businesses can both grow and continue refining their sustainable practices to benefit the community, employees, and investors.  A few of the highlights for Longview are their large reduction of direct greenhouse gas emissions as well as overall reductions in energy and water usage. 

Longview is the most recent example of manufacturers committed to melding sustainability to their production processes while experiencing business growth. Manufacturers in the U.S. continue to increase their sustainable practices and prove they are global leaders in their dedication to innovative business approaches. 

You can read Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging, Inc.’s full press release click here, additionally their full Sustainability Report can be viewed here.

Alicia Meads is director of energy and resources policy, National Association of Manufacturers.

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  • Longview has done a great move by linking sustainability and their manufacturing practices together. With the rest of the United States searching for sustainable companies to work with, it makes sense that manufacturers would hop on board. It’s great to see how Longview has done a lot across the board with not only air and water quality but also their gas emissions. Thanks for the article!

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