U.S. Judge: EPA Overstepped Bounds

By July 31, 2012Energy

This afternoon a federal judge in the U.S. District Court in Washington ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) overstepped the bounds of the law in its Final Guidance for coal mining operations in Appalachia. The final guidance was in reality a prohibition on mining permits.

The EPA’s action stepped on the rights of state agencies to manage this particular permit process. They took this action knowing full well what they were doing.

This is another example of how the EPA has overstepped its authority. The EPA continues to move forward on a wide range of burdensome regulations that are hampering our nation’s energy producers and driving up energy prices.

As we mentioned this morning, the Utility MACT regulations are forcing the closure of plants throughout the nation, costing jobs and driving up prices. Manufacturers simply can’t afford more regulations at a time when they are facing so many headwinds making it difficult to create jobs and grow.

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