Toyota Recognized For Reducing Energy Intensity

By July 27, 2012Energy, General

Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized eight Toyota manufacturing sites for achieving a 10% reduction in energy intensity through the ENERGY STAR Challenge. The energy efficiency of these eight sites collectively reduced energy intensity by almost 24 percent from baseline.

The Energy Star program recognizes industry sites of companies that show leadership in energy efficiency and management. Toyota continues to identify new opportunities to reduce energy consumption and has received 18 Energy Star Plant Awards from the EPA since 2006.

Manufacturers have proven time and again that they are always looking for ways to make their operation more energy efficient, sustainable and their products more competitive in the world market place. Rather than continuing to burden businesses with additional regulations, Washington needs to listen to manufacturers and let them lead in this area of energy efficiency and sustainability. Manufacturers will continue to implement measures that make sense for their operations, businesses and will continue to reduce the resources they use.

Chip Yost is assistant vice president, energy & resources policy

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