NAM Member Calls on House Armed Services Committee to Halt Defense Cuts

By July 18, 2012Economy

Della Williams testifies before the House Armed Services Committee in a hearing to examine the implications of sequestration and its potential effects on the national defense industry.

Today the House Armed Services held a full committee hearing entitled Sequestration Implementation Options and the Effects on National Defense: Industry Perspectives.  The hearing focused on the looming defense cuts coming in 2013 that threatens both our national and economic security. The NAM recently released a study that shows the impending cuts will cost over 1 million jobs across the country.

Della Williams, President & Chief Executive Officer of Williams-Pyro and NAM Board Member testified before the committee, providing an in depth look at the impact of pending defense cuts on small business’ and putting a face to the devastating ripple effect the cuts will have on the supply chain.

Lockheed Martin Chairman and CEO Robert Stevens, a NAM member, also testified before the committee.

In her testimony, Mrs. Williams made it clear that the negative effects will not occur in a vacuum – but rather across our entire economy. “So these cuts will not just impact a few large companies. These cuts will flow down the supply chain and through the broader economy. They will impact companies, like mine and threaten the jobs of thousands of skilled workers. If small business—and I would submit even further, manufacturing— is an engine for economic growth, why are we making decisions that will inevitably stall that engine?”

It’s a question that deserves an answer.

Mrs. Williams’ story is a compelling one. She and her husband founded Williams-Pyro nearly 50 years ago. Today the company employs 89 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and stands as a testament to the possibility of the American Dream. Earlier this morning, Mrs. Williams appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” to share her story and discuss the challenges that her company, along with all small to medium sized defense manufacturers, are dealing with in the face of sequestration.

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