Time for Washington to Listen to Manufacturers and Let us Lead

When the President says that the private sector is doing fine, as he did today during a press conference from the White House, manufacturers across the country must respectfully disagree.  We remind the President that it is 20 percent more expensive to do business in the United States when compared to our largest trading partners.

We remind the President that we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  We remind the President that the United States is party to only one trade agreement when currently there are over 200 such agreements being negotiated in the global marketplace. We remind the President that he rejected the Keystone XL pipeline that would provide a consistent and affordable energy source and create 138,000 jobs.  And we remind the President that our country has unnecessary regulation after regulation that drives up the cost of business in a sector that is poised for growth.

Because manufacturers – the real people in the real world – understand that things in our country aren’t necessarily as “fine” as the President might believe, nearly 400 of them spent the last two days in Washington, D.C., meeting with policymakers for the NAM’s annual Manufacturing Summit.

These men and women traveled to Capitol Hill from every corner of the country to share their stories with our elected leaders. They discussed the need for comprehensive business tax reform that will lower tax rates and provide certainty for all businesses, for an “all of the above” energy strategy that stops placing our resources off-limits, and for real support of manufacturers’ efforts to create jobs and address the challenges they face finding workers with the skills required in modern manufacturing.

It’s time for Washington to listen to manufacturers because they have the know-how and ability to lead our economic recovery.

Jay Timmons is president and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers.  

Jay Timmons

Jay Timmons

Jay Timmons is president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest manufacturing association in the United States representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector.
Jay Timmons

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