Ryko Solutions Meets with the Iowa Delegation

By June 7, 2012General

Car Wash Manufacturer Ryko Solutions, Inc. recently joined the NAM, and this was the first NAM Manufacturing Summit for Ryko President and CEO Steve L’Heureux. Ryko Solutions has been growing in Grimes, Iowa and they are concerned about how the current policies coming from Washington will impact their business.

L’Heureux met yesterday along with several other manufacturers with Senator Harkin from Iowa. He relayed to Senator Harkin the importance of developing skilled workers to fill vacant positions. Like many manufacturers Ryko often has difficulty finding qualified workers to fit their manufacturing needs.

He also discussed with Senator Harkin how concerned manufacturers are about the looming tax situation at the end of the year. We are facing a potentially significant tax burden on December 31 that will harm manufacturers’ ability to compete globally when several tax provisions expire.

“It was a pleasant conversation and a good dialogue with the Senator,” commented L’Heureux on the meeting.

Today L’Heureux had meetings planned with Reps. Leonard Boswell and Tom Latham from Iowa to discuss tax, energy and workforce issues. 

Ryko has been increasing employment and has made tremendous gains in productivity at their facility in Iowa. In just the last year they have grown by more than 60 employees. This small manufacturer is another great story of how manufacturing is driving our economy.

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