International Paper Announces Sustainability Goals for 2020

By June 15, 2012General

Manufacturers continue to set ambitious goals for their sustainability programs. Last month, International Paper, announced 12 voluntary sustainability goals which included:

  • 15% improvement in energy efficiency in purchased energy use;
  • 20% absolute reduction in global GHG emissions associated with production; and,
  • 15% global increase in third-party certified fiber volume.

Other goals focused on philanthropy, safety and water use. These benchmarks were part of International Paper’s 2011 Sustainability Report which also highlighted achievements such as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Leadership Award, improvements in worker safety and sustainability accolades from Fortune Magazine and the Ethisphere Institute.

In a press release, Chairman and CEO John Faraci stated, “At International Paper, sustainability is more than a business practice. Environmental, social and economic performance has been at the core of our company for more than 110 years. Stewardship of the forestland and surrounding habitat is ingrained in our company’s DNA.”

We applaud International Paper’s efforts and look forward to tracking the company’s progress as it works to achieve these sustainability goals.

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