Dow Joins NAM Summit to Push for Manufacturing Competitiveness

By June 6, 2012General

Dow Chemical, well known as a giant in the fields of agriculture and energy, among many others, have perfectly blended science and innovation to create solutions and improve lives. Their products have helped shape the way we access and process our energy, grow our food, and have made an indelible mark across the globe.

They are part of the Renaissance that has the entire country talking about manufacturing. But just like every other manufacturer in the U.S., they face a 20% cost disadvantage with foreign competitors. That’s why they are joining nearly 400 other manufacturers as part of the NAM’s Manufacturing Summit and taking their message of competitiveness to Capitol Hill.

As a part of the NAM’s Executive Committee, Dow’s Carol Williams met yesterday with House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) to share manufacturers thoughts on the need for comprehensive tax reform and the transition to a territorial tax system.

Check back here throughout the day to get updates on Dow’s advocacy efforts on taxes, energy, and making the U.S. the best place to manufacture in the world.

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