Treasury Secretary Geithner to Visit NAM Member Marlin Steel

By May 17, 2012General

Today Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will tour NAM member company Marlin Steel Wire in Baltimore and meet with NAM Board Member and President Drew Greenblatt. The Secretary Geithner is expected to discuss President’s “to do list” for Congress which includes his proposed new hire tax credit.

Before touring Marlin Steel Secretary Geithner addressed the Greater Baltimore Committee where he talked about the need for spending cuts and other measures to help the economy.

Manufacturing continues to receive a lot of attention and deservedly so as the sector has been the engine behind our economic recovery creating 481,000 jobs since January 2010. But manufacturers are looking to policy makers like Secretary Geithner to help implement policies which will enable them to continue to grow. Our blueprint to keep manufacturing competitive, A Manufacturing Renaissance: Four Goals for Economic Growth, lays out key policies that Congress and the Administration can enact to keep manufacturing in the United States strong.

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