Senate Expected to Vote on Ex-Im Bank Today

By May 15, 2012Trade

Today the Senate is expected to consider H.R. 2072 to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank along with several amendments. The NAM has sent a Key Vote letter to senators urging support for the Bank which is so critical to small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Below is an excerpt from the Key Vote letter:

The Ex-Im Bank levels the playing field for U.S. exporters by matching credit support other nations provide, ensuring that our nation’s manufacturers can compete based upon the price and performance features of their products. It also enables small and medium-sized manufacturers to capture new markets in emerging economies abroad. In FY2011, the Bank supported more than $41 billion in export sales from more than 3,600 companies, supporting approximately 290,000 export-related American jobs.

Manufacturers are urging all senators to support H.R. 2072 to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank and to increase its lending authority.



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