NAM’s Timmons Speaks at GE Forum on Manufacturing

By May 8, 2012Energy

This morning NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons spoke at a breakfast discussion hosted by GE and the Greater Houston Partnership titled “Houston Works: How Energy and Manufacturing Innovation is Leading the Way.” More than 150 people attended the event which brought together city and business leaders as well as elected officials to talk about the important role of Houston’s energy and manufacturing sectors to America’s competitiveness.

In his remarks Timmons spoke about the impact of manufacturing on the economy and what is needed to strengthen manufacturing so it can continue to drive our economy and innovation:

To reach our potential, manufacturers need policymakers to address each of these issues so that manufacturers both in this country and abroad invest in the United States. A bold, pro-growth agenda will send a powerful message to the world that the U.S. is serious about maintaining its mantle of economic leadership.

Timmons also discussed the importance of affordable energy to manufacturers:

Reliable and affordable energy is particularly important for manufacturers, which use one-third of the energy produced in the United States. Access to energy can be a selling point for the United States, but we have to utilize the abundant resources we have at our disposal and ensure that regulations don’t raise the cost of energy to uncompetitive levels. All sources of energy should be on the table. The “all-of-the-above” energy strategy our country’s leaders keep talking about should be just that: all-of-the-above.

President and CEO of GE Energy John Krenicki delivered the Keynote address at the breakfast today. Today’s discussion was a great way to get together local leaders and business leaders to discuss the future of manufacturing. The energy sector is incredibly vital manufacturing and it’s important to continue to have forums such as this to educate leaders at all levels of the need for pro-growth and pro-energy policies that will create jobs. Timmons also spoke at the GE forum held in February in Washington on the competitiveness of manufacturing.

The NAM’s Manufacturing Renaisannce: Four Goals for Economic Growth highlights the policies needed to keep manufacturing competitive. One of the goals outlined is an “all of the above” energy strategy that will help increase energy production to help manufacturers gain access to affordable energy. It’s imperative to job creation and manufacturing that we continue to pursue a real “all of the above” energy approach.

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