Chevron Seeks Additional Evidence of Corruption in Ecuador Suit

By May 18, 2012Energy

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal’s Mary Anastasia O’Grady penned an editorial about the current state Chevron’s fight against the corrupt judgment brought against it by an Ecuadorian court in February of last year. Chevron has been waging a battle to prove that the judgment in the case is the result of corruption and the evidence continues to mount.

On May 4th Chevron asked the U.S. federal court in Miami for records of several bank accounts with Banco Pichincha in Ecuador. It’s believed that these Bank records will show that one of the court-appointed independent experts, a geological engineer, was bribed by the plaintiff’s lawyers:

One of Chevron’s allegations is that geological engineer Richard Cabrera, the court-appointed “independent” expert who would assess the rain forest damage, was working secretly for the plaintiffs lawyers. It cites outtakes from the ADC film “Crude” that show the two sides meeting together before his appointment and documents secured through discovery in U.S. courts to support that allegation. Chevron also claims that documents prepared by the plaintiff’s lawyers became part of the Ecuadorean court’s judgment, which it says casts doubt on the court’s neutrality.

Chevron has continued to go to court in the U.S., now more than 20 times to show that fraud was committed in the case and in nine instances U.S. courts have been critical of the Ecuadorean Court proceedings. From the WSJ:

In one instance, addressing Chevron’s claim that the plaintiffs’ representatives “ghostwrote” Mr. Cabrera’s report, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina observed that “While this court is unfamiliar with the practices of the Ecuadorian judicial system, the court must believe that the concept of fraud is universal, and that what has blatantly occurred in this matter would in fact be considered fraud by any court. If such conduct does not amount to fraud in a particular country, then that country has larger problems than an oil spill.”

Chevron is continuing to move forward with their RICO suit in the NY Southern District Court against Amazon Defense Coalition, one of the nongovernmental organizations advocating for the plaintiffs in the suit. And it’s becoming more and more clear that this judgment was arrived at with fraud and corruption.

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