Wall Street Journal: So Much for an ‘All of the Above’ Energy Strategy

By April 5, 2012Energy

Today the Wall Street Journal editorial board ran an editorial about the harm of the recently announced Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed regulation on new coal power plants called the New Source Performance Standard. The piece is titled “Killing Coal” which is exactly what the EPA is doing with this proposed regulation.

The WSJ appropriately points out that according to the EPA this regulation will have zero cost so they have not done an economic analysis of the potential impact of the regulation. From the piece: 

But great news: The EPA estimates that the total cost of this rule will be $0. It will have no major effect on the economy. Not a single job will be lost.

How can that be? In its cost estimates, the EPA assumes the U.S. will never complete another coal-fired project. Ever. The agency is conceding that coal development has been shut down as a result of its many new regulations, such as the recent mercury rule and the illegal permitting delays that a federal appeals court slapped down last week.

If President Obama and his Administration are serious about an “all of the above” energy strategy then it must also include clean coal. To take this important source of energy off the table at a time when we need to be lowering energy costs is detrimental to our competitiveness.

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