Unilever Makes Progress on Sustainable Living Plan

By April 24, 2012Energy, General

Unilever continues to make progress towards its ten-year sustainability goals, the senior leadership team reported today during a briefing on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Progress Report 2011 before key opinion leaders in Washington, D.C.

By 2020, the company aims to help more than one billion people improve their health and wellbeing, halve the environmental footprint of its products, and source 100% of its agricultural raw materials sustainably. In addition, Unilever is designing new products which are more sustainable and encourage people to consume more sustainability. For example, the company manufactures food products with recyclable packaging and other products that will help consumers use less water while washing and showering.

Other highlights of Unilever’s progress include:

  • Sustainable sourcing – 100% of its palm oil used in the U.S. is now sourced sustainably (find out more information on sustainable palm oil here).
  • Hygiene – 48 million people reached with Lifebuoy soap’s handwashing programs in 2010 and 2011.
  • Nutrition – good progress in reducing saturated fat in products and eliminating trans fat.
  • Drinking water – 35 million people gained access to safe drinking water from Pureit system since 2005.

Kees Kruythoff, Head of Unilever North America, noted that the company is committed to building upon the progress it has made so far as part of its ten-year plan. We look forward to tracking the company’s success as it continues to enhance the sustainability of its products, its operations and supply chain.

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