NAM-Supported Cyber Bills Up this Week in the House

By April 25, 2012Technology

As part of what is being called “Cyber Week” by House Leadership, the chamber is scheduled to vote on four cybersecurity bills Thursday and Friday. The NAM sent a letter to Capitol Hill this morning in support of all the bills. Why do we support efforts to strengthen the cybersecurity of our nation? We tell House Leaders this in our letter:

Manufacturers through their comprehensive and connected relationships with customers, vendors, suppliers, and governments are entrusted with vast amounts of data. They hold the responsibility of securing this data, the networks on which it runs, and the facilities and machinery they control at the highest priority level. Manufacturers know the economic security of the United States is directly related to our cybersecurity.

Since manufacturers build and own the U.S. cyberinfrastructure and ecosystem, the NAM has been advocating aggressively for common-sense legislation that removes the barriers that prevent the public and private sector from sharing cyberthreat information. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (H.R. 3523), one of the bills being considered this week, helps to solve this problem.

The NAM has also called for improving how the Federal government coordinates its cybersecurity R&D efforts as well as the importance of a highly-skilled Federal cyber-workforce. The other three bills on the calendar address these issues important to manufacturers.

We applaud the bipartisan efforts in the House to get these bills to the floor. We are looking forward to a full debate in the Senate which is likely coming soon!

Brian Raymond

Brian Raymond

Director of Innovation Policy at National Association of Manufacturers
Brian Raymond is the Director of Innovation Policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). He works with NAM members, the Administration and Congress to shape and advance pro-manufacturing positions on technology policy issues ranging from intellectual property protection, privacy issues and cyber/data security to net neutrality and R&D funding.
Brian Raymond

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