Defense Cuts Threaten Manufacturing Jobs, National Security

By April 18, 2012General

Dorothy Coleman, the NAM’s Vice President of Tax and Domestic Economic Policy, sent a letter today to Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA) and Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-WA) on behalf of manufacturers, urging them to derail the significant cuts in defense spending set to take effect in 2013.

While the NAM acknowledges the serious fiscal issues facing our nation, the letter notes that the cuts will cost thousands of manufacturing jobs across the nation and urges legislators to find a less damaging method of addressing the national debt.

“The U.S. defense and aerospace industry and their suppliers play an important role in our economy as manufacturers, innovators, and creators of good high-paying jobs. Millions of American jobs are connected to the aerospace and defense industry and the jobs of many of these workers will be threatened if the additional cuts in defense spending under the Budget Control Act of 2011 go into effect. In particular, under-funded programs could force companies to furlough or lay off current employees and drop plans for new hires.”

The letter goes on to detail how critical the defense industry is to the competitive edge the U.S. maintains across the globe through the research and development that comes out of defense and aerospace manufacturing. Once eliminated, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to rebuild.

Manufacturers are committed to getting the nation’s fiscal house in order the solution won’t be found in job killing measures that undermine our national security.

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  • Rust Gilbert says:


    Your post prompts me to ask you for information I have wanted for a long time.

    What percentage of US manufacturing is civilian goods and what percentage is armaments? How has this varied over time?


    Rust Gilbert

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