Timmons and Wetherington: Ex-Im Bank boosts small business

By March 14, 2012Trade

Today the Washington Times ran an op-ed from National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons and BTE Technologies President Chuck Wetherington about the importance of the Export-Import Bank to small businesses. The Bank allows small companies, like BTE, to level the playing field against our competitors overseas.

The financing provided by the Bank allows these companies to export to new markets throughout the world. For instance the Bank has helped BTE grow to export to nearly 40 different countries.

From the Washington Times piece:

Today, BTE exports to China, Russia, Japan, Korea, most of the European Union and other countries – almost 40 in total. With the assistance of Ex-Im Bank, BTE is negotiating a deal to export to Saudi Arabia in the near future – a relationship that would contribute upward of 10 percent of the company’s total product revenues.

BTE is not alone. Many other small businesses have sought the assistance of Ex-Im Bank and reaped the benefits of expanded market access. In fact, most of the bank’s activities directly support small businesses. In today’s global economy, seeking out opportunities abroad is indispensable.

As members of Congress consider the reauthorization of the Bank we ask them they take into careful consideration the Bank’s success in helping small and medium manufacturers grow. If we are to continue to create jobs and reach the goal of doubling exports the Ex-Im Bank must play a role to help level the playing field for manufacturers in the United States.

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  • What the average American fails to realize – or acknowledge – is that most other countries subsidize their industries beyond imagination. It’s not labor costs, but rather open as well as covert subsidies that make it so hard for American manufacturers to compete.

    ExIm Bank is a valuable ally for US manufacturers.

    Claudius Jaeger
    Artemis Rubber, Longmont, CO

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