Time for A Real “All of the Above” Energy Strategy

By March 28, 2012Energy

Energy prices are continuing to climb higher and higher, putting more pressure on consumers and businesses. When gas prices increase it takes a toll on manufacturers as transportation costs increase throughout the supply chain. These increased costs will impede manufacturers’ ability to expand and create jobs.

Today House Republicans rolled out a plan to help lower gas prices which includes expanding domestic exploration and drilling as well as expediting permitting for energy production on federal lands. We are pleased the debate on this important issue to our nation’s competitiveness is moving forward in the halls of Congress.

Manufacturers support a real “all of the above” energy strategy to lower gas prices and improve our energy security. We understand there are many forces at play in the global markets that determine the cost of gasoline. We also know that for too long this country has refused to develop and fully utilize its energy resources.

It is time to get on a path towards energy independence and self-reliance. We may never have the ability to determine the price of a barrel of oil, but one day we could be in a position where we are producing more oil domestically and won’t have to worry about where our oil is coming from. In the meantime, let’s start preparing today for energy independence tomorrow.

At this critical time in our economic recovery we cannot afford to take options off the table when it comes to affordable energy. We need expanded domestic production, both on and off shore, and a plan in place to work with our North American allies on developing additional resources and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. We are hopeful Congress will take serious steps in moving forward with policies to lower the energy costs to bolster manufacturers’ competitiveness and create good, high-paying jobs.

Chip Yost is vice president for energy and resources policy, National Association of Manufacturers.

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