NRC Approves Two More Nuclear Reactors

By March 30, 2012Energy

Today the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)  approved two more nuclear reactors for SCANA’s V.C. Summer plant near Jenkinsville, South Carolina. These are the third and fourth reactors to be approved this year. The first two were the Southern Company’s Vogtle reactors in George which were approved in February.

This decision today by the NRC is another positive step forward in utilizing all sources of energy. Manufacturers are users of one third of the energy consumed in the United States and we are the largest manufacturing country in the world. This makes having access to affordable and reliable sources of energy paramount to our ability to remain competitive.

A true “all of the above” energy strategy must include the continued development of nuclear energy. We’re hopeful that the NRC will move forward with streamlining the licensing and permitting process to allow for the construction of additional facilities in the future.

The construction of new nuclear plants not only helps provide an affordable and secure source of energy but it will create 3,000 thousands long term construction jobs and furthermore, these projects will create as many as 800 career-long jobs for each of the four projects.

The economic impact on the state and local governments should not be under estimated.  These projects will employ thousands of manufactures and create economic activity all over this country. Manufacturers are leading the way in this recovery. We hope that Washington will work with us or get out of the way!

Chip Yost is vice president of energy and resources policy, National Association of Manufacturers.

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