AT&T Launches $250 Million Dollar Education Initiative

By March 22, 2012General

AT&T is launching a $250 million campaign, AT&T Aspire, to help bridge the skills gap that has left over 600,000 manufacturing jobs unfilled. The commitment, planned for the next five years, will assist high school students get ready for careers and college – and in doing so will help America become more competitive in the global marketplace.

According to AT&T, they will accomplish that goal by, “using technology to connect with students in new and more effective ways, such as with interactive gamification, Web-based content and social media. The company will also tap the innovation engine of the AT&T Foundry to look for fresh or atypical approaches to educational obstacles. Finally, AT&T Aspire will capitalize on the power of personal connections in the form of mentoring, internships and other voluntary efforts that involve many of AT&T’s approximately 260,000 employees.”

AT&T Aspire began in 2008 with more than $100 million invested in education across the country. Over one million students already benefitted from their programs.

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