Manufacturing at the Daytona 500

By February 28, 2012General

The products of many manufacturers was on full display last night during the the Daytona 500.  The race got a late start last night and an even later ending which ran into the early hours this morning. Matt Kenseth prevailed with his number 17 Ford Fusion but there were a few tense moments with about 40 laps left in the race.

Juan Pablo Montoya’s car spun out of control and hit a jet dryer which then burst into flames in turn three of the track. Crews quickly worked to stop the fire and then work began to prepare the track for racing again. This would not have happened so quickly without a few important products from manufacturers.

Tide is used to clean up jet fuel at the Daytona 500

Tide is used to clean up jet fuel at the Daytona 500.

A Caterpillar lift was used to remove the burnt jet dryer from the track and then Tide detergent was spread over the track to make sure it was completely clean of jet fuel. While this is a rather unconventional use for Tide it’s a great example of how manufacturers helped NASCAR clean up the mess and finish the biggest race of the year.

Everywhere you look at a NASCAR race you see the work of manufacturers from the Chevys, Fords, Toyotas and Dodges on the track to the tires on the cars and to the tools used by the pit crews. The innovations of manufacturers make NASCAR a great sport we can all enjoy.

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